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Littleton Shot Maker
08-26-2014, 04:16 AM
I just wanted to let the air gunners here know of our latest acquisition: TERYX Marauder stocks. Aluminum T6 billet. ALL USA made. you supply the rifle - grips and stocks of your choice and I will provide you with a rigid frame with LOP adjustable grip set up.

The current lot run will be for the Gen 1 trigger group , yes Gen 2 will be made available soon. AND as I get reasonable requests I will expand the line using this same platform and see what we can do for Discos, heck I want to try it on a 10-22 ??? who knows what could happen.

for more intel and pricing please contact me directly . Website not yet showing new items- give me a few days. Inventory still needs to be Duracoated or Hyrdo Dipped- taking request now on that. I want multicam for me, will offer black (blah) OD Green, Yote Tan, latter I want to offer desert tiger stripe, maybe digital camos. There are too many to choose from.


Littleton Shot Maker
11-18-2014, 11:59 PM
4 black frames left- 12 OD green frames left- here at the shop-

The Desert Digital sample will be here in a day or so... pictures to be posted asap.

Thank you Tony @ TALON Tunes and DAVE @ RArms Innovations : stocking Teryx Chassis for Gen1 currently and ready to ship.

- The bulk of black frames are with these well established Co.s and the only Authorized TERYX Stocks vendors currently- also available from them will be individual frames or complete frames with butt stocks and grips ready to take your action and drop right in and go shoot.

Hatsan fans, keep posted- plans are to machine it for the At44. With other actions to follow on soon- Discovery, Challenger- some one serious has requested the FX Royale be set up with the Tactical/ Practical TERYX stocks- the only alloy chassis out there for Marauder Gen1 Gen2 ...maybe RWS 54 and 48? Air Arms? Avanti 888- 887?

Littleton Shot Maker
01-02-2015, 02:05 AM
Just in case any Marauder Gen1 owners out there wanted to see the Desert Digital frames
Gen2 prototype is 95% done - production run out in a couple weeks??