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07-29-2014, 11:47 PM
I'm getting bored, its in between rock chucks & ground squirrels & big game season so I've been punching a bit of paper to keep things a little bit interesting. A friend sent me several TC pistol barrels along with dies, powder, primers, etc & ask me to work up loads for them.
He can do it but for some reason likes me to do the load developement. One barrel was a 12" 25/20 & it has been lousy so far, even with jacketed slugs its only doing 1 1/4" at 50 yds, with cast its been shooting patterns, not groups. There's a very narrow bullet selection for the 25/20, pretty much 60-86 grs & thats it. My cast slugs are 73 gr. GC's & always shot great in my model 43 Winchester, not this gun!
Next up was a 13" 225 Winchester, this barrel shot great with about any load tested & I wasn't surprised. Then came a 12" 221 Fireball, this little gem would absolutley stack them with the right load. 15.5 grs of 4227 & a 52 gr. A Max shot about 1/2" at 50 yds with a Weaver scope & was close to max, bumping the load up 3/10's was magic, the first 3 went into .149" & it was a bit windy so I was thrilled.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01182/100_3772_zpse8f289e9.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01182/100_3772_zpse8f289e9.jpg.html)

Next on the list was a custom barreled Ruger #1...Everyone knows #1's are beautiful but won't shoot, well, this one will. My son put a 26" Broughton barrel on it, chambered in 22 PPC, Holy Pajama's, this baby would knock the whiskers off a mosquito at 50 yds with about anything I fed it. Every group was 1/4" or less except for the first group fired from the new barrel.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01183/100_3765_zpsa6f62fdd.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01183/100_3765_zpsa6f62fdd.jpg.html)
I shot 12 different test loads & all of them (50 yds) shot about the same, 2 different bullets, 3 different powders & bullets seated long. The smallest group measured .069" for 5 shots!! Yup, #1's won't shoot! You can put a good trigger on a #1, you can't put a great trigger on a #1 without messing up ignition, so you live with what you have. This baby will bug hole them with anything you feed it.

Next we decided to go camping for a week in some of the most beautiful country you will ever walk in. Lots of game, including mosquitos, good fishing & great food. We shoot the guns, we shoot the bows, we rode 4 wheelers & caught Cutthroat Trout & then we'd eat some more! We had 11 of the grandkids with us & they had a blast.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01184/100_3773_zps382bd389.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01184/100_3773_zps382bd389.jpg.html)
Yes, thats snow up on top of Caribou Mountain, millions of dollars of gold was hauled out of this mountain & over 10,000 people mined it at one time. There were hotels, saloons, blacksmith shops & houses full of soiled doves. It was named after Cariboo Jack, a Canadian miner in the 1800's.
One day we had 6 4 wheelers parked together & the kids were spread out for a quarter mile. Some guy pulled in right beside us & started strapping on his hip boots, I couldn't resist, I had to look at his licence plates....yup, UTAH! There's several miles of Trout fishing stream here & this hammerhead has to walk right into the middle of us! You can't even take the lid off your drink with these guys around, they'll try & drop a fly right in it.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01185/100_3780_zps77169c30.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01185/100_3780_zps77169c30.jpg.html)
There aren't any arm yankers in here but you can fill a skillet in just a few minutes if you're hungry. We never keep them, always catch & release.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01186/100_3779_zps71605ea4.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01186/100_3779_zps71605ea4.jpg.html)
Some of my clan catching Trout. Palisades Resorvoir sits hard on the Idaho, Wyoming border, 35 miles from Jackson Hole, lots of deer, elk, bear, moose, wolves & an occasional Grizzly.
Even in the worlds biggest playground.....I'm bored!

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k3/6shot_01/6shot_01187/100_3777_zps598c0455.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/6shot_01/media/6shot_01187/100_3777_zps598c0455.jpg.html)


07-30-2014, 12:19 AM
Boo Hoo!
Ole Jack

smoked turkey
07-30-2014, 12:27 AM
Beautiful country. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time. What a good way to be bored. Good shootin too by the way. Yes it does look like you happened on a Ruger No. 1 that will really shoot.

07-30-2014, 11:56 AM
those 25-20's can be a little picky.
I use a plain base rapine mold at about 70 grs.
it wouldn't shoot worth a hoot until I started pushing on the boolit a little later in the sequence.
using aa-2230 powder I kept upping the load till the groups settled down a bit then I finally went to a magnum sr primer to help the situation kept pushing the powder a bit at a time and finally settled in at 11.5 grs.
I don't size those little buggers [keeping them close to 260] i use that same tumble lube I gave you on them, and water drop from the mold.

there's still a box of win factory ammo here if you want it for the brass....