View Full Version : 44/40 bullet help needed

01-13-2008, 09:41 PM
Fellows need a little help I have a lever 44/40 Rossi older model when they were made in Brazil no other model number on it except 44/40 No problem made like an old win 92 I believe. Anyway what Iím looking for is a cast bullet in 433 or 432 dia. in about 300gr FN the length of the cast bullet I would like to be .647 to allow for a good crimp if possible. The barrel is slightly over sized I donít believe it has been used much the bluing is about 95%. If any one has a bullet mold of this description I would like to know where to get it or some bullets to test in the rifle. I would be happy to pay for them and the shipping as well. I can find all kinds of .430 in 200gr. but just wanting something a little heavier to use. You can e-mail me at fenris@mail2artist.com just put in the subject line 44 40 bullets or post here with any info. Thanks all for any help.

01-14-2008, 01:14 AM
you might send a PM to Swagerman. He's our resident expert on bumping up .44 boolits.

I load for a 1866 in 44/40, but mine likes .430 boolits.