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02-12-2014, 11:21 PM
I bought one of these today from my local gun shop for a good price. They had them on clearance and I had been wanting an air rifle for some time, at least since cast boolits added this airgun forum LOL. Anyway, they claim 1000 fps with lead and just over 92 db. Shot it a bit tonight and it's easy to cock and seems quiet but I don't have anything to compare it to. So I ask this of you airgun enthusiasts, did I get a good one? What next?

Larry Gibson
02-13-2014, 12:31 AM
I have one and like it. The Chinese really have improved their quality. Mine shoots quite well though I use a standard Crosman CP and get right at 850 fps with it. Accuracy is seemingly very good but I've not really tested it. I enjoy mine and it is relatively quiet. I think you did fine.

Larry Gibson

02-13-2014, 02:30 AM
I shot a Stoeger yesterday a co worker got as a gift. Its one of the "Tactical" gas rammed suppressor types. It looked odd but was comfortable and the trigger was a step up from other Chinese ones I have used. I sighted it in kneeling at 30 paces with Crosman 14.3g pellets. It shot about an inch and the mil dot 4-16 scope it came with wasn't bad either and adjusted well. For $225 and tax it wasn't a bad deal. It was very quiet to boot. The cocking effort was harder than my RWS 36 but not as bad(or maybe just like) the RWS 350.

I have an X3 in .177 that is my kids rifle and its a great little shooter.You can about cock it with your pinkie finger. Its about 550 fps and all we do is shoot shotshells at 15- 20 yards with it an if you miss its not the guns fault.

02-14-2014, 11:18 PM
Thank you for the replies. My boy and I have put quite a dent in a tin of pellets the last couple.of evenings. It's my first "real" air gun and it's a lot of fun. I don't know why I waited so long.

02-16-2014, 12:15 PM
Just as a side note: to this thread;

Did you know that when Stoeger air rifles experience the "Dieseling" effect where you get light smoke coming out of the breech, it's known as "Smoking A Stogie." :grin:


02-28-2014, 07:50 PM
"Splat, tink. Splat, tink, Splat, tink."


I gotta buy more pellets!