View Full Version : Targets and Jack Stanley 311466

12-12-2007, 02:47 PM
OK, I had the opportunity to cast some 311466's from Jack Stanley's GB of the 311466.

Deer season is now over for me (got two of em! Yea!) so on to other things.

I cast them out of straight WW's, air cooled.

Sized em to .309, lubed the bottom 2 grooves and the GC groove, put em in a Winchester case, WLR primer and Wiljen's recommended 13gr of Unique. Seated them to the driving band just above the 3rd lube groove. No crimp.

Lube was a combo of speed green and Lyman Black Moly, which is slowly going away the more I lube boolits...

Cleaned the barrel with wipeout first, then stuffed em in my Rem 700 DBM, pencil barrel and shot em at 25 yds.

Here is the pic of the group.


first shot was low, second shot high and the third shot dropped in with the first shot.

I could get used to this cheap accurate practice load.... :Fire: