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11-04-2013, 12:28 PM
a few pics of some of my airforce rifles. deadly guns

11-04-2013, 12:33 PM
in the first pic is a talonP with a long barrel on it in 25 caliber. with the power wheel set to the lowest point. it shoots 25.4 gr jsb pellets at about 1080fps. the one in the middle is a talonss with long barrel, shrouded, set to shoot crosman premiers at 1050fps. the third is a condor in 25 caliber with a custom valve.i have not played with that one much yet, but it will spit a 53 grain cast slug at over 900fps, i have not bumped it up all the way or shot it for groups yet.that is with the stock hammer still in it. i have to pull it back apart and drop the heavy hammer and spring in it.

11-07-2013, 09:38 AM
HOLLY grail..I have been in the closet, I had no idea they made air rifles like this. I have a bunch of questions about these rifles and ammo, if you don't mind. I don't want to cut into your thread.
Where do you buy ammo for these?
What distance are these accurate at,, say minute of pigeon.
What kind of cost is involved for a minute of pigeon accuracy at 60-80 yards, I know they are very high buck rifles and the sky is the limit.
Wow, talk about stealth capability.
I really like the camo on them, someone did a good job, nice rifles.

11-07-2013, 12:28 PM
these guns will take standard airgun pellets, as said they are 22 and 25 calibers. the black gun is modified and i am in the process of setting it up for boolits. as far as range goes. how far out can you hit them? :) any of these will take pigeons at over 100yds if you can hold that tight.the talon p with a short barrel is around 400 bucks, mine is set up with a long barrel in the pic(another 200). the talon is 500 and change, and the last one in the pic, the black one, which is a condor, will run you over 600, or 700 for the factory ss model which is shrouded. i have much more than that into each of them. i build my own shrouds as well. the middle one in the first pic is super quiet set where i have it,you only hear the hammer strike, it sounds empty.you have to keep in mind that with pcp, the gun is only part of the cost. you either need a good pump, or high pressure tanks to fill them, which will ad another 300 or so.the last one is a "talondor" it started as a talon ss and i added a hi flo valve from a condor. it has a smaller shroud and still has a bit of a bark to it.that one is also a 22 caliber. it will push 28+ grain slugs out the barrel very fast(dont remember what the numbers were as i have not shot that one in a while. the first gun, the p, has a bsa contender 6-24x on it. the second a bec 6-24 mildot, the third gun now has a 4-16x centerpoint mildot, and the last gun wears identical optics as the second (got them on clearance :D)