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10-29-2013, 12:47 AM
Well me and my 5 year old sons mom have been divorced for 4 years now. My son primarly lives with his mother 2hrs away but I get him everyother weekend but I've been fighting to get him more. His mother has been telling me he's been acting up in school, not sharing, not keeping his hands to hinself and not paying attention. Teacher suggested to get his eyes and hearing checked. Hearing test came back good. Vision is good but the dr. Called today and said my son is colour blind?? I don't know what to think. When I first heard this I started tearing up. After talking to her for awhile she said that only certain colors he can't see. I have no idea what to do. I just can't wait to see my son this weekend. Sorry fellas if I come off as a puss, just had to say sonething to soneone. Thanks.

10-29-2013, 06:27 AM
Good morning
First I will pray for you and your son and all the conditions you face.
You can do simple color tests on your own. Libraries have books with certain pictures in certain color patterns mixed on the same page. If your son cannot see green he will not see the "gren" picture but the picture in the "other" color. Same for red, blue.... I have never looked for them on computer but they are probably here also. I would want confirmation one any doctor's analysis.

But enjoy those hours together. Teach him what is right, honorable and just. These are the years when his future is being formed. May your son see all that in you.
Mike in Peru

10-29-2013, 06:51 AM
It isn't a big handicap unless you're doing something that requires you to match colors. I was colorblind for years and didn't know it until I looked at some of the tests and couldn't see anything in some of them.. Traffic lights, the yellow and red look about the same, picking tomatos, you get a lot of greener ones, but it isn't like you see life in fifty shades of grey. His school problems are not caused by colorblindness. Could be part of growing up, could be the people he hangs around with. I think one of the worst things they ever came up with are the electric games. They are programing us to turn us into a nation of couch potato, sociopaths. They condition kids to kill without remorse. It would be interesting to know how some of these recent people that committed the mass killings felt about shooting puppies or kittens. There aren't any games doing that. Probably couldn't sell one and the humane society would protest killing animals. Nobody says anything about people. Kids become what their friends are. Don't worry about the color blindness, worry more about the company he keeps.

10-29-2013, 07:18 AM
The only handicap I can think of in real life situations would hunting.
Only, in that it would be harder for him to see game animals in the field.
It's not a big deal in a person's every day life.

10-29-2013, 07:40 AM
I'm color bling to Red, oragne, green, yellow...it aint no big deal dont sweat it....the only thing it will hinder is if he decides to be an electrician. other then that no big deal at all....

10-29-2013, 07:44 AM
My close friend has a red/green color blind condition. He is nearing 60 yr old. He has run a successful autobody and painting shop since 1975. I've had him paint several cars for me, but I never ask him to color match :)
It really isn't much of a handicap.

10-29-2013, 07:45 AM
Actually, color blind people are used in intelligence work as photo interpreters because they can see "through" camouflage.

Doc Highwall
10-29-2013, 08:31 AM
Actually very few people are color blind, color deficient is much more prevalent in men with red/green colors being the most common. The color blindness is passed on to the males from their mothers side I found out through my research as I have a strong color blindness to red/green. I had to learn with traffic lights that red is on top, yellow is in the middle and green on the bottom. Another thing with the way colors look is the color of the light source in degrees Kelvin that they are being illuminated with. A 100 watt light bulb is 2900 degrees Kelvin (more yellow color) and natural sunlight is 5,500 to 6,500 degrees Kelvin, blue sky is 10,000 degrees with the most energy.

10-29-2013, 08:42 AM
Doc is correct, and based on what you said the Dr. told you it sounds like your son may be in the same situation. If you want to do some tests for that on your own when you get your son this weekend, here's a good link:


This isn't the end of the world, and while I know it's rough to hear any news like this about your child, it could be much worse in the grand scheme of things. The better you handle this, the better he will as well. We'll be praying for you.

Bad Water Bill
10-29-2013, 12:17 PM
At 77 I have worked in many different fields and occupations.

The ONLY time I was given a color test as was shown above was BEFORE I went to A/C ELECTRICIANS school.

About 1 in 20 males has SOME form of color blindness.

MOTHER was gracious enough to pass on a defective gene to your son.

Also remember we all have one leg longer than the other and we learned to deal with that as well.

Why do you think most folks lost in the wilderness walk in circles?

10-30-2013, 12:15 PM
desteve811, I hope your feeling better now after a couple days.

10-30-2013, 12:24 PM
I have several friends that are color blind, it is quite common in males. The only jobs it will keep you out of is fashion design and interior decorating and I am sure you can live with that.

10-30-2013, 11:16 PM
I'll be praying for the little dude. As far as the acting up, my boy is from a home where his mother and I are together, and he's not color blind, just a boy that was used to playing all day and now has to sit in a class room. He was in kindergarten last year, got sent to the principles office a lot where he'd smooth things over with the staff. I guess my point is, sometimes the kids are just like that, so don't get discouraged. Mine still makes me shake my head, a lot, I doubt that will clear up any time soon.

God Bless,


10-30-2013, 11:33 PM
If I remember right it is like 80% of males in the US is color blind to some extent. As long as he can see red blue and green and yellow he is fine. I am color blind and it is just in the pastels of the primary colors. Worked as electrician for 40 yr. no problems. Had freind that was total,only had to learn stop lites order of color. Beleive it or not he ran a towing service for many yr. We just had to remember to tell him yr make model and exactly where it was parked with lic. number. Color blind can help in many ways. camo. looks very out of place in the woods. animals stand out for same reason, color pattern doesn't match. color blind in mil.ser. during conflicts, caused you to spot snipers in trees and bushes, same reason they look out of place. DO NOT BABY HIM CAUSE OF THIS. I don't understand how color blind in school is aproblem unless teacher is using pastel chaulk. The only thing I am not allowed to do is have a pilots lic. to fly.
This doesn't make you or the ex a bad parent nor him a bad child. Set him directly in front of teacher and in front row of classes. Oh forgot to tell ya my middle son is also color blind just as I am. Does one heck of a job at spotting game animals.

11-01-2013, 06:35 AM
dsteve, it sounds like you are trying to be a good dad. Spend time with your son, and listen to his feelings, as much as he can express them. Things will be ok.