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10-11-2013, 02:45 PM
The house we are renting is still for sale.Some people came by with the realtor today and looked at the place today.Not sure what we are going to do if this place sells. There is little options out in the country for renting, not that we could afford the rent in town anyways. I have a hard time being around people(PTSD) and I am on a fixed income.Hopefully soon I can find a job that I can do and keep so I can get us a forever home. If it comes to it I will live in my wall tent in the woods somewhere if I have too. I am not moving back to Yakima or anywhere else in Washington for that matter.Thank you for your time Guys

10-11-2013, 03:56 PM
Prayers sent for you hope you can find a job soon,I haven't been in the work force for a good many years but I am told that in South Dakota there is oil field work there,Good luck

10-11-2013, 04:13 PM
Praying for your peace of mind and a better place to hang your hat. Cities are best avoided, especially liberal ones.

10-11-2013, 04:39 PM
Good afternoon Horsesoldier
Will be praying for the job and a home. God has the answer.
Mike in Peru

10-11-2013, 06:40 PM
Praying for your peace of mind and a better place to hang your hat. Cities are best avoided, especially liberal ones.

Agreed, but I would encourage you to get close enough to a VA Hospital that you can get the help and support you need brother. You have earned and deserve the help. Oregon is a liberal state but Roseburg has a good VA Hospital, fairly small town (+/- 20,000) that turns very rural just a few miles out of town in all directions. I don't know about the job availability though.

10-11-2013, 10:46 PM
Been talking to a local guy in town and I am making progress. I have very little trust in the VA system.Thanks for the prayers guys.I am sure things aren't as bad as I think.Its tough trusting in Jesus but I don't have a choice

10-12-2013, 05:15 AM
Praying the Lord opens doors for both a job and a place to live. Keep trusting in Him.

10-12-2013, 05:44 AM
Horsesoldier i am a fellow PTSD sufferer and i feel for you brother. I will be praying for you and for your situtation. Hang in there. Have you contacted the VFW? Remember as a soldier we have a camaraderie that has no bounds might just be a fellow service member who can help you out. It is worth a try at least.


11-18-2013, 12:33 AM
Prayers from us as well. Don't forget the American Legion, and any other organization(s) that may be able to help. Look to try to find a home that would have the possibility of renting with the option to buy. Many options are available, and you can always ask members of CB to help if we can.
Semper Fi!

square butte
11-18-2013, 09:43 AM
Went through the same thing many years back. We were within a couple of weeks of being out on the street when we had a door open up for us. If you are able - Put all your trust in God. Your every need will be met. It may not look the way you wanted it to. But it will be Gods plan. We spent a good 3 years in a one bedroom apartment - And came away with some of the best friends in life we could ever have asked for. Prayers sent up for you and yours.