View Full Version : Making Paper Cartridges work with wads

08-13-2007, 10:45 PM
I am a newbie to the fine art of the Holy Black and revolvers so please excuse the ignorance. I have been making paper cartridges out of cigarette paper with good results. When I get to the range I break the cartridge off in the cylinder just below the ball and insert a lubed wad and then ram the ball. At first I was putting the whole cartridge into the cylinder and then topping it off with Crisco and it gets messy quickly, hence the use of felt wad. The problem with the wad is the lube on it, it bleeds thru the cigarette paper and in short order it makes the cartridge fall apart. Has anyone tried something to keep the lubed wad from doing this? I was thinking about a small strip of wax paper around the wad to keep the lube away from the roll paper but I am unsure if the wax paper would gum up the cylinder when fired. Any thoughts?

08-14-2007, 09:39 PM
load the paper cartridge /boolet,ram, then seat a lubed wad on top.
I know a bunch of C&B skirmishers.They all use loose powder,filler,ball then a musket lube on top.Crisco is too soft and messy in anything but cold weather.A
50/50 beeswax/crisco or lard or olive oil is closer to what you need in warm weather.
I seem to recall that the factory paper cartridges were made dry for the same reason you describe.