View Full Version : Maximum downsize of 50 cal boolits?

01-11-2012, 11:06 PM
I would like too know the maximum that a 50 cal boolit can be downsized?
If stepped down .002-.003 each step, how far could it be taken down?
looking to go from .512 down too around .503. I know that it can be done, but would it be acceptable? I was thinking on using a Lee push through because it would push from the bottom.

Any thoughts please.

Thank you,

01-11-2012, 11:15 PM
It all depends on alloy and depth of the lube grooves. I have a mold that throws .462" boolits for the 45-70, but the grooves are deep enough to size down to .452". All I can say it try it and see.

01-11-2012, 11:18 PM
It's not a pretty sight. I tried this once to test a boolit from my 50AK (.513) in my 500 S&W (.501). I sized and lubed the bullet (the lube being necessary to insure you don't wipe out the lube grooves) then ran it through a push through die made by Buckshot. The lube helped maintain some semblance of lube groove but not by much.