View Full Version : 50 cal inline and pyrodex pellets

01-18-2007, 02:23 PM
Hi all,

Never a fan of inlines, but couldn't pass on one recently at a very nice price of $50 for an older Navy Arms country boy. I also got a full box of Pyrodex 50 cal pellets 50 grains each; and some sabots with jacketed bullets in them.

Well I don't want to shoot up all the expensive sabots; and am thinking of either a Lee REAL mold or Minie ball. The question is, Pyrodex says in their data sheet that if you don't use Sabots, to use a felt gas check for gas sealing. Ok...... I guess I can see this with the REAL bullet, but what of the Minie? And opinions on these types?

Incidentally once the pellets are gone, i will switch back to regular blackpowder in it.

01-18-2007, 03:45 PM
This had been brought up quite a few times before.Do a "inline" search wayyyy back. I shoot side locks,but a buddy bought a .50 Scout used. Had all the stuff inline fellas use.Anyway didnt shoot with any of that. I had some .50 Lee minnes laying around and grabed a can of Goex fff. My buddy was in a hurry so we fired a few. Anyway after a dozen rounds we got it to group about 3" or so at 50.He said good enough and had a doe hanging within the hour.
Load as I remember was 90gr fff,Lee minne with base 1/2 full of a home made lube Beeswax/olive oil. About 50-50 make about as hard as SPG. I think we had to drift the sights a bit also.
I know that with a bit of work that group could be shrunk a bit.I would bet the same thing for the REAL or most of the conicals.