View Full Version : glooblits if you haven't tried them they are a blast

06-13-2011, 10:23 PM
i got my 309-170f mold today , and thought well befor i go cleaning it of oil , letts make some glooblits

i made a few up , once the glue gun and mold warm up it is as easy as can be to turn out pretty glue boolits

i primed up 2 30-30 cases and lubed to glooblits stuffed them in and headed for the basement a card board box with plywood behind it
and i was ready to go

safty glasses also

they were hitting sideways and accuraccy wasn't the greatest but it sure was fun

then the wife had been reminding me to get rid of that watermelon that we had going bad in the fridge we had gotten it for a party but it just never got eaten

well by that point i had graduated to putting a half grain of powder under my glooblits so i had to shoot the water mellon penatration was only about an inch and a half but it was a messy inch and a half

just a primer the target made more noise than the shot but i had one that would fire and get stuck in teh last inch and a half or so of the 20 inch barrel but t pushed easy with a cleaning rod well a touch of powder fixed that but did make it much lowder and kind of stinky for basment shooting as combustion wasn't so great

06-13-2011, 10:25 PM
they started hitting strait with about 3 gr of power pistol not ideal but all i had