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12-31-2006, 01:29 PM
Larry, seems I remember you saying you spent some time in Viet Nam and if I am not mistaken in the 173rd Brigade. I am reading Anthony Herbert's book about his Army career and what went on while he was IG of that Brigade. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've read the book over the years. At least some of what he relates sounds plausible from what I've read in other places. But I get the distinct impression that he would be a hard man to get along with if you weren't a lot like him. You know what I mean, he's always right and everyone else is out of step. What is your opinion?

Larry Gibson
12-31-2006, 01:55 PM
Haven't read the book in some time but I did meet the man. I never served with him but know quite a few who did. He like Custer and "Chargin' Charlie" Beckworth (of Blue Light and the debacle of the Iran hostage rescue attempt who I did serve with) were ultra type A personalities. Either you loved them or you hated them, not much in between. I do not discredit either man as a soldier and their accomplishments however I found Herbert and Beckworth both to be overly opinionated about themselves. In their minds they were always right and everyone else wrong. I grew very tired of their disparaging remarks of those fine soldiers who disagreed with them. However, if you were one of their followers you were a "real soldier" or a "stud". I never figured out which one I was.

Contrast COL "Bull" Simon, a hard fisted, no nonsense leader. When he said "s**t" everyone, and I mean everyone, would drop trou' and ask "how much?". He was a leader everyone would follow into hell. There are some things about the Son Tay Raid that have been classified for years. Now that many Vietnam War documents are being declassified the truth will come out on the real target of that raid (wasn't the prisoners) how really successful that raid was.

Larry Gibson