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03-23-2011, 09:13 PM
I am going to be moving to GA soon and in need of information. I believe that I am going to be moving to possibly Norcross area. I am going to be going to school in Suwanee for 4 yrs. Moving from AZ, I am sure that things are at least a little different. I am used to be able to go out to National Forest and find a mountain to shoot into for plinking, btw no costs. Anyway, I need info on where to go, is there costs involved, permits, etc. Also, I have a CCW and need info on what is needed for getting one there. How does hunting work there as far as licenses, big game draws, etc? Any help will be helpful as neither my wife, nor I know anyone there. Thanks!

03-23-2011, 09:25 PM
Hunting is pretty straight forward with licenses it's pretty low costs. I don't remember your limits but it's not usually an issue. I am a transplant down here in the Valdosta area. I don't know what you are use to for deer but these are just about the size of big dogs. As far as shooting we don't have any public places to go like that so I'm a member of a local range. There doesn't seem to be many indoor ranges around here either. We just finally got a store to start carrying some powder and primers last month and this isn't a real small town it's just different.

03-23-2011, 10:38 PM
Not far from Norcross is the Clybel Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Clybel has a very nice outdoor range you can use for $19.00 per year

You can buy your hunting license online and also pay for WMA usage (Gives you access to all of GA MWAs).

Carolina Cast Bullets
03-23-2011, 10:42 PM
I live on the GA/SC border and hold a SC CWP. It is not recognized in GA so I also hold a Penn non resident permit that is recognized.

As to GA, all that is necessary is to go to the local courthouse, which office I'm not sure and fill out an application. Pay them the necessary funds and its issued. In SC, we have to attend an 8 hour course and qualify on a range before a CWP is issued.

Carolina Cast Bullets

blackpowder man
03-23-2011, 11:59 PM
Early welcome to GA! There are a number of places to shoot within a reasonable drive from Norcross. There is a free outdoor range open year round located on WMA (wildlife management area) land about 40 minutes north. Nice range, but limited to 86 yards. I usually make it once a week or so there and it is 36 miles each way for me. It is covered and has benches. There are a number of indoor ranges around Norcross and some clubs a little distance away. I am a member at Elberton Gun Club which is 2 hours away from me. The price is affordable and they have 400 yard max rifle range. Shotgunning is big there as well. Cherokee gun club is in Gainesville, Ga and they have shoots open to the public which I attend on an irregular basis. The nicer one is River Bend Gun Club in Dawson county and they shoot out to 600 yards there. River Bend has the nicest facilities, but it is more $. I live in Dahlonega and have lived all around North GA so feel free to ask me questions and if I don't know I will try to find out. You can google those clubs I believe all have sites and for WMA info google gadnr rifle ranges I think you will find it. Wilson Shoals is the closest to Norcross.