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05-29-2005, 12:30 PM
Most of my shooing is with pipsqueak loads, something to go pop, but I do like 'em to be as accurate as possible. I've been shooting Jeff Bartletts #107 for the past 2 years with good results in the 357 Max, 44 Mag (both in rifle barrels) and even the 38-55 using 7.3 grains of the powder, for rough figuring about 1000 shots per pound. Had some AA#2, so decided to do some playing around, found that 4 grains in my 44 shoots pretty good, though not quite as well as the 107, the 357 don't like it at all, neither does the 38-55. At 4 grains to the pound, the stuff practically doubles the shooting I get from the 44, but it drives me kind of nuts that I give up about an inch in accuracy to the 107 load, but man the price is right, about 2000 extra shots for the same dollar. Probably going to be about September before I can get another jug of powder from Jeff so I got some time to mull it over real good. Whats a fella to do?????

05-29-2005, 01:34 PM
Well hehe, I guess you have a chance to experiment and maybe find out why it is not as accurate, it appears to be a faster powder, that points to possibly peak pressure and where it occurs being a factor.

You could make or buy a wad punch and try cardboard, styro meat tray, and coffe can wads tight against the base of the boolit to see if that helps...I have tried the stryo ones and in the one case it has made no improvement, I hate the idea of having to put one in every ctg. but then I like to experiment.

another odd idea, is powder position with the #2 causing the in-accuracy ?? maybe try loading single rounds, elevating the muzzle before the shot....not that you want to shoot that way all day (I don't) but it might help isolating the root cause of the problem.

Most of us do this because we like fiddling around hehe


05-30-2005, 12:25 AM
..............JohnH, I dunno but to me that inch may be immaterial. It depends on what you're shooting, what you're shooting at and how far away it is. Due to the limited number of surplus powders out there, I am willing to put up with a bit less then perfection. With the slower powders it may be a bit of unburned powder left behind. It may be that the last erg of energy isn't avail or the very last FPS.

Usually accuracy is the main determinate we all go by and I'm no different. However if in shooting a peestol I had some cheap surplus that delivered 1" larger groups at 25 yards, who cares? Well some might but I don't, really. Besides it's useable practice fodder in any respect.

A buddy sold me the balance of his surp 4895 as it didn't deliver the same results as his H4895 did, and the balance of a jug of PS9 (I think it was) because he could not get the same velocity as with IMR3031. Too bad for him, but great for me.