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Bike Rider
05-28-2005, 12:39 AM
To All,

Sense my first posting last week I have purchased an estate. Among the items I got there is a LOT of cast bullet stuff and especially molds. Most of them appear to be new in the box with the plastic still around the molds. There are some molds in cardboard boxes marked Lyman Idea (the boxes are held together with black metal straps along the corners), some in plastic Lyman boxes, RCBS, and Redding. The machining is excellent on these gems. Can anyone give me a range of what these molds sell for in 1 and 2 cavity configurations. I think there are some 4 cavity molds. The fellow was BIG into casting bullets. Lots of gas checks, Old Lyman bullet lube machine, melting post, etc, etc.

Thanks in advance

Corbin Shell
919-554-2805 est

05-28-2005, 02:13 AM
............Corbin, the price will be determined by thier scarcity and desireability. As a rule a NIB mould of a discontinued design can bring a hair raising amount of money and they're not even that old. Several come to mind in no particular order of money I've seen them fetch. These would be Lyman #'s 358009 (280 RN 35 cal), 323471 (210gr 8mm), 268645 (152gr 6.5mm), and most any of the discontinued 3114** series (407, 467 etc).

On the other hand I've seen current production mould sell for more then retail at many of the mailorder houses. I saw a Ly 311284 sell for $52 on E-Bone, which is crazyness. Most any of the older NLA makers can also bring a premium if in good shape, like Cramer, Lachmiller and Hensley & Gibbs. Old Lyman HP's also can bring on a frenzy of activity.

As in the example of the currently available Lyman 311284, it's pretty much who is looking and what they want and how bad they want it.


05-28-2005, 11:25 AM
Buckshot's right on. The scarcity of the mould drives the train on price. Then, the condition. Some of the old Lymans/Ideals will run $150 on E-Bay if in good condition. Some of the more common numbers will run $20 because they made and sold thousands of that design. An average mould that is somewhat scare will run about what Lyman or RCBS is asking for a new one right now and that's $40-50.

You need to go through them and see what you have. Be sure that any that are hollow point or hollow base moulds have the pin assemblies with them. Sometimes these get seperated and will drop the price considerably. Be sure that all of the hardware and handle screws are present and that there is no rust forming.

I envy you this task as I love to dig through a pile of moulds and see what's there.

BTW, I'm looking for a 31133 Lyman and a 319/321295 Lyman if you find one excess to your needs./beagle