View Full Version : CB and mule deer

11-13-2006, 02:39 PM
I shot a mule deer doe this weekend with a TC Contended Carbine chambered for the 357 Maximum. Boolit was the Group Buy 358-180 RF cast 1 lyno to 2 lead. One shot in the lungs at about 65 yards. She staggered 10 or 15 steps on a steep hillside and that was it. Nicked a rib going in and broke one going out (no boolit recovered). No camera = no pictures :(

Load is:
Boolit - Lee 358-180 RF
Check - Hornady
Loob - Paraffin / Vaseline / STP mix
Case - Federal
Powder - Reloader 7 25.0 gr.
Primer - Small Rifle
Velocity - 2025 ft/sec

11-14-2006, 07:59 PM
Good job! Always nice to take game with a cast bullet.

A while back I used to use a vaseline/parafin lube home brew with a .44 mag and .41 mag. It worked ok, but was a bit on the soft side. Kind of messy to work with. What's your experience?

11-16-2006, 08:22 PM

Cast bullets do add somthing to a hunt, although not all appreciate it ("take my 7 em em, the 4 to 12 scope will let you shoot from here").

I got the lube recipe out of an old Handgun Silhouette newsletter.
1 pound of paraffine + 1 pound of vaseline + 2 or 3 ounces of STP Oil Treatment.
Kind of soft, but not too bad. Someday I want to try Felix Lube, but 2 pounds of this stuff will last a long time and I am too frugal to not use it since it works.