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05-25-2005, 04:44 PM
Hi all , I am just starting to load cast boolits in the 30-30 Ack Imp, the boolit #31141 has its crimp groove set up for the regular 30-30 and using the (improved) case one cannot use the groove unless the boolit extends into the powder space. I have always heard that this is a "no-no" with cast.
Does anyone here have any experience with this situation.
Thanks for any input.

05-25-2005, 04:53 PM
Might be less than desireable, but there are times that you must seat the base into the powder space. It's much less of a concern with current crimp-on gas checks than it was with the old black & white box or plain cardboard box Lyman GCs. Those could slip off the bullet base if not held in place by the neck.

There may be other considerations, but that was the one that bothered me.

05-25-2005, 05:12 PM
There are a couple reasons why that was said to be a no-no. Leftover mentioned the one about the gascheck, that might slip off. The other one is that the hot gases attack the exposed sides of the cast bullet and the lube. That may be true, but I believe it does no harm. I have a 150 gr Loverine style Lyman bullet for my 7mm. I shoot it in a 7mm-08 which has a very short neck and on top of that my rifle has a short throat so I can't seat it out very far. To make the story short it shoots supprisinly well, very well, inch or under out of my Sako. No leading of the barrel either. So apparenty the gases getting to the sides of the bullet don't do anything. I don't worry about a crimp on gascheck coming off. You should just about know how tight your gaschecks are when you put them on the shank, if they fit tight you know they will get crimped pretty tight. The old non crimping types I don't believe are made anymore and probably the only place you would run into them is when someone is selling them, like at a garage sale, gunshow, etc. You can also use a dacron or kapok filler to help protect the sides of a bullet that gets down into the powder area if wish. If you do make sure you use filler the proper way and ask if you're not sure how.


05-25-2005, 05:37 PM
Thanks guys this is what I needed,I had heard about the gas causing leading by attacking the sides of the boolit, and dident know of any one who had experience with deep seating cast. I'll give em a try and see if I can get a good load. It will have to wait till I cast again as all of my stock af slugs have the old style lyman checks.

05-25-2005, 07:29 PM
#31141 has its crimp groove set up for the regular 30-30 and using the (improved) case one cannot use the groove unless the boolit extends into the powder space

What type of action and how long can you load them and still have them chamber?

You may be able to seat them long and either don't crimp or roll the crimp into one of the lube grooves. Have you set up the OAL to contact the rifleing?

Granted, if they are going to be worked through a lever gun you may want the crimp in the groove; that's your decision. But your current stock could be single loaded for targets.

05-26-2005, 09:39 PM
Well I checked the seating depth and I have lots of room in the throat to crimp in the first lube groove but then the round is too long to move thru the action (mod 94) so I guess I'll try letting the base stick into the powder space and see what happens. Again thanks all for the input.

05-27-2005, 01:18 PM

I have two 30-30 AI's and have shot lead through them for years. One is a Mod. 94 Win. my dad had done by Ackley himself when he was in Trinidad and the other is Marlin 336 with a micro-groove barrel. I use both the Lyman 31141 and 311316. The 31141 shoots great in either gun crimped in the crimp groove. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of these I have shot over the last 35 years and have never had a problem or poor accurracy crimping in the crimp groove. They feed great as this is the bullet Lyman/Ideal originally made for the 30-30. The load I use the most is 10 grains of IMR SR4756 for about 1500fps. Trajectory is like a mortar, but at the ranges I shoot at it doesn't matter. The 311316 was originally designed for the 32-20 and is a great little gas checked bullet. My grandkids really like it for just plinking with their 30-30's and I use it in my AI's as well. It only weighs 105 gr. when cast out of basically Lyman #2 type alloy. 10 grains of IMR SR4756 and this little gem is a tack driver at up to 75 yards. It is going about 1750fps but the recoil is nill. It would make a great small game load too.

05-27-2005, 08:56 PM
Thanks Fishbait , I'll try them as soon as I get some more slugs cast and sized with crimp on checks.