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05-22-2005, 05:39 PM
Was wonderin' about using WC 860 for cast in 35 Rem and maybe .308 and 30/30. Do you have to use full case loads or can you start lower and still get good efficiency and velocity without getting into weird pressure excursions? I've got a small amount of H870 and would like to try it in the 35 Rem with a 200 gr cast to see how it does. Any suggestions as to where to start?

Thanks, Ron

05-22-2005, 07:04 PM
Fill up the case with WC860 in all of your calibers mentioned, leaving just a little air space under the boolit. I suspect enough unburnt powder in every situation to make you want to change to an H335 equivalent such as WC844. ... felix

05-22-2005, 10:37 PM
..........The expansion ratio of the 35 Rem is too large for WC860 to be efficient. I'm not saying it might not be accurate but you'd prolly have to run a patch down the barrel after each shot to push the unburned powder out. Just for something to do and for fun do as Felix suggested and fill the case to where the slug will 'just' sit on the powder without compressing it. Do 5 of'em and see what happens.

You can built pressure by using a 250gr slug (you mention a 200gr) and a good crimp with the slug seated to engrave. If no 250 gr and the 200 gr is the heaviest do the same but put in 1.0gr of 4198 before adding the WC860. You should see an improvement, and if so then add 2.0grs and the WC860.

Ditto the 308 and the 30-30. You need heavy slugs. I'd shot the Lyman 311284 @ 217grs from a M93 Marlin in 30-30 with a case of WC872 (similar to WC860). It was as accurate as anything else I'd ever shot from it. The 308 has a larger capacity and you'll want to use at least a 180gr slug.

Several members here have good results using WC860 and WC872 in full caseloads and heavy slugs with the 30-06 and 30-40 Krag. These cases are getting the capacity up.

Checking surplus data at Castpics I'd used 43.0grs of WC852 (lot 47288 slow) and a 200 gr cast for 1850 fps (20" bbl). This WC852 is about like 4831 and WC860 slower by a couple steps so I'd guess a casefull would probably do ~1400 or so.