View Full Version : hot plate for melting

12-10-2010, 10:21 PM
i have a lee lead pot but i want to ladle cast for some of my guns
mostly blackpowder will a hot plate with a old steel pot work

12-10-2010, 10:29 PM
Check the data plate on it. If it pulls 700 watts or more, it may do just fine. The thinner the pot wall, the quicker it heats up. If you have a pot with a matching lid, put the lid on, give it 15 minutes(wait!) and then check. You'll trap latent heat in the pot with the lid, thus hastening melting point.

12-10-2010, 10:47 PM
Most of the double burner hot plates will have one side that is 1100 Watts.
You will have to keep the lead load fairly low to keep it liquid. I have found, the 1100 watt side will handle a fair amount, except when I get crud on the bottom of the pot. That prevents melting. I had this happen with Roof Boots that I was too lazy to completely deshingle. Well, for the few moments of time I saved, I made up for it by having to remelt the pot on the kitchen stove burner, dumping the lead, cleaning the pot, and remelting the lead.
Make sure, your pot fits on the burner coils. You will need all the heat from them.
Small pot, small load. Larger pot, larger load. You will be able to tell after a few batches, how much you can do, and handle.
When I get too large an ingot, I dump it, clean the pot, then take a sheet rock screw, screw it into the ingot, and place it in the pot. The screw helps me to center it. The heat is a little too low to melt it fast if it is not in contact with the pot.
If you can find a double burner, and Walmart has them. Or at least I saw some in our local Walmart. One large burner, one small burner. I use the large burner, and just unplug it when I am done. I keep it at full tilt.
Hot plates definately work.