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  1. Creation vs. Creationism
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  4. An Infinite, Loving God
  5. So why is it.
  6. Jesus says, buy a sword?
  7. Got An Answer
  8. Pondering Independence Day
  9. Considering Repentance
  10. Faith
  11. For thought and meditation
  12. Denominational Issues
  13. To quick to the scratch
  14. Intercession
  15. Appeal for Peace
  16. Matthew 16:18 Peter the rock?
  17. Prodigal Son Contemporized
  18. Do we have room for overt sinners in our Churches?
  19. Concerning Education
  20. Why Moses and Elijah?
  21. How to discuss theology effectively!
  22. I am blessed? Are you blessed? I want to be blessed more!
  23. Do you suppose you are immune?
  24. Balum
  25. The conversion of an atheist by his own efforts!
  26. Do you fully agree with your church's doctrine?
  27. Does God really answer all PRAYERS
  28. AED..arrested emotional development
  29. Global Warming and of Climate Change
  30. Judgement
  31. Abraham's Journey of Faith
  32. Born in Sin, or conceived in sin
  33. Heaven vs Heavens
  34. Satin, Evil Spirits, and Devils
  35. The World, Jesus and How We Live
  36. Happy Reformation Day
  37. Do you give 10% to your church?
  38. Where are you at? Pt.2
  39. Prodigal Son Explained
  40. When are you done?
  41. Strength of your faith
  42. Talk to me about faith
  43. Father, forgive them
  44. Judgmentalism
  45. Fear or lack of it
  46. Did Moses change GOD's mind ?
  47. I hesitate to post this, but...
  48. I hesitate to post this, but...
  49. God hardens hearts?
  50. Does scripture insist on a physical Second Coming?
  51. How would you respond?
  52. Hypothetical question.
  53. 1st Timothy 3 and the calling of elders
  54. Why no church besides Sunday mornings?
  55. Asking for your thoughts: John 3
  56. Is eternal life given only to believers?
  57. Thoughts on the lake... rev. 21 v 8
  58. Selfishness/fear as religious motivation
  59. Large interfaith meeting in Dubai
  60. Can one be faithful without quoting scripture?
  61. Got banned on a Christian site; end times and Christian leftists?
  62. Inspired
  63. Question on John 3:3
  64. 2nd question on John 3:3
  65. Question on John 3 v 5,6
  66. Resurrection Day
  67. Why are the only good Muslims, moderate Muslims?