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  1. Does HI-TEK go bad?
  2. Hy-Tek coating alternatives?
  3. Cheap powder
  4. Elvis Ammo's New "In Bulk" Powder Coating Video
  5. Powdercoated some boolits
  6. Shake N Bake and a wire mesh tray......
  7. Hi-Tek and 148gr WC SGG
  8. PC Powder - Follow Their Instructions?
  9. 9mm leading at muzzle Hi-Tek coated.
  10. kg gunkote
  11. My first batch
  12. Polka Dotted Shake and Bake boolits
  13. Randyrats PC Powder
  14. Coated 30 Cal. bullets & Accucary
  15. Coating a bit thin
  16. 🐔 Mesh trays led me to change PC method
  17. rosey's powder coat
  18. Eastwood Ford dark blue, first attempt
  19. Sizing Question for 6mm Lee Navy
  20. 🐣 way to shake the #5 jar and not crack top
  21. The PC Oven Thread
  22. baking time
  23. PC had made me lazy
  24. Powder coating made the nose to big to seat to proper length...I think
  25. BHN after then after again
  26. Powder coat store sale!
  27. Somebody explain something to me
  28. Powder coat gun
  29. Powder Coating Bullets >>> (ULTRA LOW HEAT) <<< ELVIS AMMO Method
  30. Weird issue
  31. Heating bullets
  32. Low Temp PC (from ElvisAmmo)
  33. Powder coating removed by Lee sizing die?
  34. interesting results testing new powder and Load
  35. Powder Coated Heeled Cast Projectiles
  36. heres a differnt question
  37. Will these pans work for baking bullets in oven?
  38. Simple, obvious trick to reduce flashing
  39. melting and dipping boolits in PC ?
  40. The trouble with HF Red
  41. Size before or after pc?
  42. What fancy coating is this?
  43. PC bore lapping boolits
  44. Harbor freight PC
  45. Toaster Oven
  46. Hitek Exchange - No discussion just Trades
  47. Not the best coverage....
  48. Leading with PC...
  49. Where do I buy HI-Tek coating?
  50. PC Powder availability in Europe?
  51. powder coating 6" gong
  52. Bad BB's for PCing
  53. Powder storage
  54. Oven observation today.
  55. Powder Coating Plated Bullets
  56. Can a PC bullet pass the hammer test and still not be properly cured?
  57. Anyone else have problems with Hi-Tek coating?
  58. High Production ( videos / pictures / details )
  59. Thinking about this...
  60. Lots of over-run powder
  61. Adding dry graphite to PC?
  62. Determine is brand x PC is harmful?
  63. washing boolits before hi tek coating
  64. PC gums up ported barrels. True or False?
  65. 1st attempt at powder coating
  66. First-timer...
  67. New member quick question
  68. Frankford arsenal not coating bullets well
  69. another coating session using the wire racks
  70. Another method of standing bullets up when powdercoating
  71. ESPC coverage
  72. 1st go at this, daughter happy
  73. PC came off boolit when slugging...should I be alarmed?
  74. PC came off bullet when shot
  75. question for chemst or platers on the boad
  76. newby question
  77. How many coats for full power rifle?
  78. Powder coat opinion (unvalidated) Questions.
  79. Help with Eastwood powder
  80. Hi-Tek experiment, questions?
  81. Coating w/spray paint???
  82. Looking for a schematic for Eastwood Powder Coating Oven
  83. Confused
  84. A little help please...
  85. Pc scraping off while sizing..why?
  86. Shot my first powder coated boolits
  87. Anyone cast and coat on the same day?
  88. Is this factory ammo powder coat??
  89. Does powder coat randomly go bad?
  90. Hi-Tek - New color in an old bucket
  91. pc using convection toaster oven
  92. Too big?
  93. Favorite preheat temperature?
  94. Powder Coating
  95. Powder Coated Size
  96. Anyone given up on PC?
  97. Can lube be chemically disolved?
  98. effect on alloy
  99. so what gun
  100. Silicone pot holders
  101. About to be flamed...
  102. powder coat cling
  103. BLL coating
  104. BBs.
  105. Mini-mod to inverted press used to size PC bullets
  106. shot my first
  107. PCing with harbor freight pc gun
  108. PC smelted?
  110. Bore discoloration?
  111. Just a Thank you to Smoke 4320
  112. To stand or not to stand the bullets for the curing process?
  113. How is your Harbor Freight PC gun holding up?
  114. HF power coat
  115. Can PC powder go bad???
  116. Powder coating not for sale
  117. TGIC free powder recommendation?
  118. Anyone ever use HT over inferior PC?
  119. Coatings and barrel wear??
  120. Darker Colors
  121. Powder coating and powder charge
  122. Fluid beds?
  123. Sorry for the basic question, but i got to start somewhere...
  124. M1 Garand using 170-180 gr PC Bullets what load/powder ?
  125. Dropout Spray?
  126. Using plated handgun bullets
  127. Gray color powder coating
  128. Powder coating added thickness?
  129. PC and gas checks
  130. Smoke’s top secret new color
  131. major screw up yesterday
  132. NON Stick aluminum foil
  133. First PC'd boolits
  134. Feb 18 Handloader Magazine has an article on PC cast bullets
  135. Smokes powder coat
  136. Basic powder coating question
  137. did some timing today
  138. HI Tek and MEK
  139. STREAK’s new Boolits
  140. Problem today with PC
  141. high velocity pc & internal bbl pics
  142. Anyone else copper plating?
  143. Super durable wet black
  144. Texas Armament ?????
  145. Noob powder coat question
  146. coating with hi tek. what i'm doing wrong ?
  147. 30" 308w bbl & hv pc'd bullets
  148. Mixing powder with acetone or lacquer thinner?
  149. Powder coat coming off when resizing.
  150. Effect of too-high temp on both coating and lead?
  151. gloss level VS accuracy?
  152. Super Durable Wet Black with Mihec's 358156 plain base.
  153. could a barrel get to hot
  154. A couple of noob questions
  155. Has anyone tried PC bullet casings just for ****s and giggles?
  156. Old PC powder
  157. NON Harbor Freight PC source?
  158. PCing over Hi-tek coating?
  159. Heat Shrink Tubing on castboolits
  160. PC accuracy loads for 303 and 308
  161. Bullet nose diameter with Powder Coating
  162. Any good loads for the 223 rem.in the 2500 to 2800 fps range ?
  163. Two questions
  164. Squeak! Friction When Seating Clear PC?
  165. Powder coating mold selection
  166. high velocity with 311413 Squib Bullets in 308 Win AR10.
  167. Newbie to powder coating
  168. Disaster strikes!
  169. Well heck gonna try powder coating
  170. Im going to try PC but..
  171. Smokes
  172. Sizing issue with PC
  173. Question about powder not sticking
  174. Powder coating pros and cons ---------------------
  175. Finally found what works for me
  176. Princess Auto Power Fist Powder
  177. 9.3 mm pc coated boolits
  178. Rifle-Weird accuracy with PC
  179. Am I positively or negatively charged?
  180. Favorite ASBBDT containers
  181. Double coating to increase diameter?
  182. PC and self defense boolits
  183. Wax lubing Hi-Tek coated boolits
  184. Necessity IS the Mother of invention
  185. Specific future bullet molds just for PC Cast bullets?
  186. "dipping" my bullets
  187. Hi tek flaking off
  188. PC and Lee TL358-158-2R
  189. Accuracy and velocity with coated bullets
  190. my version of dry tumble powder coating
  191. Looking for suggestions for Silicone Mats for PCing
  192. Did another time check on casting--PC--sizing
  193. You CAN shake too hard
  194. Powder Coating 300 Blackout - NOE 247gr Hollow Point issue
  195. Vibe tumbler with ASBB's works for me
  196. How to keep my boolits hard after PC?
  197. PC in 5R or P3 Barrels
  198. Shooting problems with 9mm powder coated boolits
  199. Definitely won't miss doing this any more.
  200. Now how about coated brass?
  201. Hbn boron instead of pc?
  202. Smell when shooting hitech
  203. Today I learned...
  204. Break in the coating where bullets stuck together
  205. anyone PC soft lead in a microgroove?
  206. Down and Dirty PC testing
  207. j-word fouling and Hi-Tek
  208. Smokes pc powder
  209. Health Concerns with PC
  210. How about green powder coating
  211. PC and the 44 MAG.
  212. for fun going to return to previous PC method
  213. smokes brown torture test
  214. Colors
  215. Do you use a pistol compensator with powdercoated boolits?
  216. Trying to Find a Copper that will DT
  217. Testing Propellants Effect On Bullet Coatings
  218. ES coating worth the trouble?
  219. Big time mystery!
  220. Unusual Questions on PCing and GC's
  221. Cleaning guns after shooting PC boolits
  222. Pc flaking off
  223. Melting PC boolits question
  224. What lube for putting on gas check before powder coating?
  225. Quenching Powder Coated Boolits
  226. PC instead of GC ?
  227. Thinking Of Doing PC
  228. "Daddy, why are you washing bb's ?"
  229. cooking to long
  230. another cooking question
  231. hundreds of recovered bullets
  232. Gas checks and coating?
  233. can coated boolits be treated like paperpatched?
  234. Testing some different things in my oven
  235. Hi-Tek Aqualube 5000 question
  236. held up well to my torchure test
  237. Powder coat 1st attempt - PBFTBBTDTFT!
  238. PC Velocity Expectations
  239. Interesting find
  240. PC 223 gas checks not needed?
  241. Gas Checking PC Boolits
  242. 🐎 back in the saddle again ♫♪ with PC
  243. 1st try at PC outside
  244. PC scraped off when sizing...
  245. .357 mag '92 Rossi, velocity data
  246. seen the light and the dude abides
  247. Had a PC Moment
  248. ZnSO4 in plating solution
  249. 44 Mag. 45LC
  250. PPS 43 muzzle brake